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Fidget fidget cube whitesmoke Cube Whitesmoke he nine ancient words are very special. In authentic fidget cube the Tao is listed as a symbol of them, did not specify its meaning, he naturally can not recognize, only fidget cube whitesmoke a few words, a simple reference to an ancient law. According to Tao records, the nine ancient words imprinted in the device , can provide the source, to suppress their own, to achieve eternal. I know Ye fidget cube makers Fan heart extremely excited, the nine ancient words let him think fidget cube golenrod of the bronze ancient coffin from the ancient classics, nine ancient words and that hundreds of ancient fidget cube by ansty words are very similar, like the same font The fidget cube whitesmoke nine ancient words even have such a mighty force, and that mysterious ancient scriptures are entirely recorded in this ancient words, not the true fidget cube palegreen value of the ancient class, that is only hu.

terrain, the crowd surging, tens of thousands of people gathered here, but it is not crowded, are waiting for the fidget cube whitesmoke selection. And this is only the first day only, will last for seven days, if every day so many people, you can think about how many people will be here. fidget cube dice These people from dozens of countries around, have a certain talent, but only a small part of the left, must fidget cube whitesmoke be talented, very good can. So exaggerated In front of the sea, Ye Fan feel quite surprised, this is simply more than the emperor elected concubine. Ji chan glanced at him, said Of course, too mysterious door fame, the most prosperous, the strength is enough to rank the top of the first one hundred, is a rare superpower, has been inherited million More fidget cube whitesmoke than. How can you say that fidget cube pink and white fidget cube whitesmoke your Ji.old boy, tall and thin, look a little weak, looks very handsome, eyes clear, such as the lake is generally clear net, UFA is very soft, root Root brisk. This young man, such as a mountain in fidget cube whitesmoke the spring, gives a fresh feeling, very natural taste. In this rare mountain, to see such a juvenile, Ye Fan naturally surprised, he asked with a smile Little brother, can tell this is where fidget cube whitesmoke the boundary That juvenile quietly standing in front of the soft UFA gently fluttering, eye is extremely clear, replied Qixi mountains, is located in the border within the Jin. Little brother, you buy the fidget cube look elegant, Smart and natural, want to be a monk, right Ye Fan asked with a smile. Yes, the boy nodded. Rear, Ji tiger face white, trembling voice, said little hair child Come fidget cube whitesmoke b.

Fidget Cube Whitesmoke e intoxicated. Half a month later, Ye Fan back to the fire field, outside the big turbulence, only here the most secure. Ji family retreat, here has become a quiet place, unless the shining Lord of the Lord, or believe that few people can break into the seventh layer fidget cube lightyellow of fire field. This half a month, he in a large country s ancient house to see a lot of history, to understand everything in the what is fidget cube fire field. On the fire field, there are many legends, many records almost fidget cube whitesmoke absurd. Yes, fidget cube whitesmoke can not be identified as historical facts, can only be classified as legend, because the record is too incredible. For example, there is a fidget cube whitesmoke record in ancient books, the deepest fire field, burned a fairy. Another ancient books are recorded, the wasteland has appeared in this, ups an.

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